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  • Unit: 1000 ml

  • It also contains Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus, Protien , sugar & carbohydrates.

  • Natural  cure for Indigestion, acidity, constipation, gastric troubles & flatulence.
  • Best suited for Diabetic patients due to low sugar & high fibre content.
  • It  enhances  protein metabolism & synthesis thus helping in treating in hypoglycemia.
  • Rich in Pectin content that decreases cholesterol level thus prevents heart attack.
  • Due to binding capacity of B12 it increases the level of haemoglobin  by production of RBC’s.
  • Best remedy for premature hair loss & graying , gives shine & strength to hair.
  • Improves & strengthens the liver function.
  • Improves eye sight, effective in skin diseases due to antimicrobial property.
  • Some of the most amazing benefits of BHAIRVI AMLA RAS are:

    1. Slows Down Ageing--Amla is virtually a superfruit. It is full of antioxidants that are effective in reducing cell damage . It reduces the effects of free radicals (which are responsible for damaging protein, DNA, and cell membranes) and thus effectively combats the aging process.

    2. Cures A Sore Throat--If you’ve got a pesky sore throat problem, then Amla is the fruit for you. Amla juice mixed with a few pieces of chopped ginger and mixed with a tablespoon of honey has been proven to be an effective treatment for a cough and a sore throat.
  • 3. Fights Against Heart Disease--High cholesterol is the leading cause of heart disease. By reducing the build up of bad cholesterol, Amla reduces the risk of heart disease. It also reduces clogging in the arteries by boosting good cholesterol or HDL . Studies have also shown its benefits in preventing the thickening of blood vessel walls, the first sign of heart disease.

  • 4. Increases Diuretic Activity--Any fruit that is diuretic in nature improves the frequency and volume of urination . Because urination helps your body release unwanted toxins, salts, and uric acid, consumption of Amla has a detoxifying effect on your body.

  • 5. Increases Metabolic Activity--Because of its ability to increase the absorption of protein, Indian Gooseberries are a great way to boost your metabolic rate . Your metabolic rate is how fast your body burns calories. Boosting it will lead to faster weight loss, higher energy levels and an overall increase in lean muscle mass.

  • 6. Reduces Blood Sugar--Research has shown that fruits that are rich in polyphenol protect the body from the oxidative nature of high blood sugar. Amla can thus be therapeutic for people afflicted with diabetes. It also assists the body in the proper absorption of insulin, thus reducing blood sugar levels. Because of this, it is invaluable for people afflicted with diabetes and should be a part of their daily diet .

  • 7. High In Digestive Fiber--Amla is high in fiber, water content, and has anti-inflammatory properties . Fiber is essential for healthy bowel movements. It is also necessary for the secretion of gastric and digestive juices. Thus, Amla is great for the entire digestive process.

  • 8. Boosts Immunity--Amla is a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins, and contains tannins . Tannins, when combined with polyphenols, makes the fruit a free radical scavenger. What this means is, it reduces the damage free radicals cause to the cells and thus improves your body’s disease fighting ability.

    9. Prevents Formation Of Gall Bladder Stones

    Extra cholesterol is the primary cause of gall bladder stones. Vitamin C converts the cholesterol into bile in the liver . Consuming Amla regularly reduces the chances of a build-up of cholesterol as well as the likelihood of any pesky gallstones. It also keeps the gallbladder functioning well and in perfect health.

    10. Prevents Ulcers--Due to its antibacterial properties, Amla is a great way of preventing ulcers . They reduce the acidity level in the body and thus avoid the formation of ulcers. Additionally, mouth ulcers can be caused by a deficiency of vitamin C . As Indian gooseberries are rich in vitamin C, they can provide relief from ulcers.

    11. Is Anti-Inflammatory--It reduces the level of acid in the stomach and combats stomach inflammation. It also keeps the liver in check and flushes out unhealthy toxins.

    12. Improves Eyesight--If made a regular part of the diet, Amla has been known to improve eyesight . It also helps in curing itchy, watery, and sore eyes.

    13. Purifies Blood--Because it is packed with antioxidants, Amla works as a blood purifier. It also increases haemoglobin and red blood cells count.

    14. Strengthens Bones--Amla is excellent for strengthening bones not just because of its high calcium content, but also for the fact that it lowers osteoclasts . These are the cells responsible for breaking up bones. Thus regularly consuming Amla will result in stronger bones.

    15. Cools The Body--Amla has three times the vitamin C of an orange. Vitamin C improves tannin levels in the body that shield from heat and light. It keeps your skin cool in the summer by regulating the heat.

    16. Prevents Constipation--Because of its high fiber content, Amla is great for the digestive system. A happy side-effect of this is its effectiveness against constipation.

    17. Prevents Jaundice--Because of its antibacterial nature, Amla prevents infections like jaundice and scurvy . Consuming Amla on a daily basis in the liquid form is the most efficient way to fight off these infections.

    18. Reduces The Risk Of Cancer--Because Amla is rich in antioxidants, it has various medical applications. Superoxide dismutase, which fights free radicals and reduces cell damage, acts as a potent tool in the prevention of cancer .

    19. It Protects Your Liver--Studies have shown that regular consumption of Amla can ward off the ill effects that alcohol has on your liver . It also prevents the oxidative damage that is usually caused by them.

  • 20. Makes Skin Glow--Because it’s packed with vitamin C, Amla gives your skin a smooth and youthful look . It is known to exfoliate skin and remove dead skin cells. 

  • 24. Prevents Greying Of Hair

    25. Helps Increase Hair Growth


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